Five dimensions were rated on a 0 to 4 scale with each grave visit. The total rating is a sum of all five factors.  A total of 20 would be a perfect score. A typical grave is in the 10 to 14 range.
0 = unknown
1 = very bad part of town / obvious urban decay / bad infrastructure / not safe
2 = remote rural area – long distance from towns & highways or tough urban congestion
3 = urban / some congestion or in a small town under an hour from a major urban area
4 = suburban / park / national park close to larger urban areas or near major historic sites
0 = cannot access
1 = privately owned – must get permission
2 = open to the public on a limited schedule and admission is charged
3 = open to the public on a regular schedule and admission is charged or limited / no charge
4 = easily accessible (generous cemetery hours) or public space with FREE admission
0 = cannot be found or positively located or destroyed
1 = badly worn – nearly illegible or broken tombstone
2 = worn tombstone – hard to read
3 = lightly worn tombstone – legible
4 = like new
0 = could not be located / unknown
1 = none or very little / overgrown / neglected
2 = founder’s grave maintained but cemetery less so
3 = regular groundskeeping – typical cemetery
4 = parklike – professional groundskeeping
0 = nothing
1 = simple stone without full name or markings
2 = gravestone or maker with full name
3 = grave contains other markers (SAR / DAR) or information
4 = grave contains large monument or statue and or other information of achievements
NameBurial StateBurial TownCemeteryGrave Visited?TOTLACMaMe
Abigail AdamsMAQuincyUnited First Parish ChurchY1943444
Andrew AdamsCTLitchfieldWest CemeteryY1134112
John AdamsMAQuincyUnited First Parish ChurchY1943444
Samuel AdamsMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1844343
Thomas AdamsVAAugusta CoUnknown (Lost)X000000
Ethan AllenVTBurlingtonGreenmount CemeteryY1743334
John AlsopNYNew YorkTrinity Church Cemetery 1034 3
John Armstrong Sr.PACarlisleOld Carlisle CemeteryY1544133
Crispus AttucksMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1744342
Abraham BaldwinDCWashingtonRock Creek Cemetery       
John BanisterVAPetersburgHatcher’s Run EstateX000000
John BarryPAPhiladelphiaSt Mary’s Catholic ChurchyardY1634333
Josiah BartlettNHKingstonPlains CemeteryY1734433
Richard BassettDEWilmingtonWilmington & Brandywine CemY1324232
Gunning Bedford, Jr.DEWilmingtonWilmington & Brandywine CemY1224231
Egbert BensonNYJamaicaProspect Cemetery       
Edward BiddleMDBaltimoreOld St. Paul’s CemeteryX210010
John BlairVAWilliamsburgBruton Parish Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1643333
Richard BlandVAJordan Point ManorJordan Point PlantationY1734433
William BlountTNKnoxvilleFirst Presbyterian Church CemeteryY1124122
Simon BoerumNYBrooklynGreen-Wood Cemetery       
Daniel BooneMOMarthasvilleBoone monumentY1724434
Daniel BooneKYFrankfortFrankfort CemeteryY2044444
Elias BoudinotNJBurlingtonSaint Marys Episcopal Churchyard Y1544232
Carter BraxtonVARichmondHollywood Cemetery Y1134031
David BrearleyNJTrentonSt. Michael’s Episcopal ChurchyardY811312
Jacob BroomPAPhiladelphiaChrist Episcopal Church & ChurchyardY1634333
Aaron BurrNJPrincetonPrinceton CemeteryY1634243
Pierce ButlerPAPhiladelphiaChrist Episcopal Church & ChurchyardY1634333
Daniel CarrollMDForest GlenSt John the Evangelist Catholic Church CemY1534332
Charles Carroll of CarrolltonMDEllicot CityDoughoregan Manor ChapelX431   
Richard CaswellNCKinstonCaswell Memorial Cemetery       
Samuel ChaseMDBaltimoreOld St. Paul’s CemeteryY610212
Abraham ClarkNJRahwayRahway CemeteryY1434223
George Rogers ClarkKYLouisvilleCave Hill Cemetery Y1844343
William ClinganPAParkesburgUpper Octorara Church CemeteryY1434133
George ClintonNYKingstonOld Dutch ChurchyardY1934444
George ClymerNJTrentonFriends Burying GroundY1014122
John CollinsRINewportCollins Burying GroundY1431343
Tench CoxePAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1433332
Stephen CraneNJElizabethFirst Presbyterian ChurchyardY1113232
Thomas CushingMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1644242
Francis DanaMACambridgeOld Burying GroundY1231332
William Richardson DavieSCRiversideOld Waxhaw Presbyterian Church Cemetery Y1231233
Jonathan DaytonNJElizabethSt Johns Episcopal Church CemeteryX110000
John De HartNJElizabethSt Johns Episcopal Church CemeteryX110000
John DickinsonDEWilmingtonFriends Meeting House Burial GroundY1334231
William Henry DraytonPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1633433
James DuaneNYDuanesburgChrist Episcopal Church        Y1221441
William DuerNYJamaicaGrace Episcopal Churchyard 824 2 
Eliphalet DyerCTWindhamWindham Center CemeteryY1224132
William ElleryRINewportCommon Burying Ground & Island CemeteryY1543233
William FewGAAugusta  St Paul’s Episcopal Church CemeteryY2044444
Thomas FitzsimonsPAPhiladelphiaSt Mary’s Catholic ChurchyardY1434133
William FloydNYWesternvilleWesternville CemeteryY1624334
Nathaniel FolsomNHExeterWinter Street Burial GroundY1434322
Benjamin FranklinPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1633334
Christopher GadsdenSCCharlestonSaint Philips Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1543332
Albert GallatinNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1634333
Deborah Sampson GannettMASharonRock Ridge CemeteryY1844334
Horatio GatesNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1634333
Elbridge GerryDCWashingtonCongressional CemeteryY1844343
Nicholas GilmanNHExeterExeter CemeteryY1734433
Nathaniel GorhamMACharlestownPhipps Street Burying GroundY1133113
Nathaniel GreeneGASavannahJohnson Square Y1944344
Cyrus GriffinVAWilliamsburgBruton Parish Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1243131
Button GwinnettGASavannahColonial Park CemeteryY1944344
Nathan HaleCTCoventryNathan Hale CemeteryY1734334
Lyman HallGAAugusta Courthouse GroundsY1844334
Alexander HamiltonNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1834434
Elizabeth Schuyler HamiltonNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1534332
John HancockMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1844343
Edward HandPALancasterSt. James Episcopal Church CemeteryY1743244
John HansonMDOxon Hill6701 Oxon Hill Rd.,         
Cornelius HarnettNCWilmingtonSt James Churchyard CemeteryY1634333
Benjamin HarrisonVACharles CityBerkeley Plantation GraveyardY1322333
John HartNJHopewellHopewell Baptist Meeting House Cemetery Y1423333
John HarvieVARichmondHollywood Cemetery Y1134031
Patrick HenryVACharlotte CountyHenry CemeteryY1422343
George Robert Twelves HewesNYRichfield SpringsLakeview CemeteryY1424233
Joseph HewesPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1633433
Thomas Heyward, Jr.SCOld HouseHeyward Family CemeteryY1624334
Michael HillegasPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1333232
Samuel HoltenMADanversHolten CemeteryY1744333
William HooperNCGreensboroGuilford Courthouse National Military Park Y2044444
Stephen HopkinsRIProvidenceNorth Burial Ground Y1643333
Francis HopkinsonPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1533333
Titus HosmerCTMiddletownMortimer CemeteryY1131232
Charles HumphreysPAHavertownOld Haverford Friends Meeting House CemY1444231
Samuel HuntingtonCTNorwichNorwichtown Burial GroundY2044444
Richard HutsonSCCharlestonCircular Congregational Church Burying Grd Y1744333
Jared IngersollPAPhiladelphiaOld Pine Street Presbyterian Church Cem Y1434232
James IredellNCEdentonJohnston Family Cemetery       
William JacksonPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1133131
John JayNYRyeJohn Jay Cemetery PHOTO1021232
Thomas JeffersonVAMonticelloMonticello Graveyard Y1623344
Daniel of St. Thomas JeniferMDPort TobaccoEllerslie Estate Cemetery ?X000000
Thomas JohnsonMDFrederickMount Olivet Cemetery Y1844334
William Samuel JohnsonCTStratfordChrist Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1233321
John Paul JonesMDAnnapolisUnited States Naval Academy Chapel Y1943444
Rufus KingNYJamaicaGrace Episcopal Churchyard Y1124122
James KinseyNJBurlingtonFriends Burying Ground Y1144030
Henry KnoxMEThomastonElm Grove Cemetery       
James Armistead LafayetteVAUnknownUnknown (Lost)X000000
John LangdonNHPortsmouthNorth CemeteryY1334222
Edward LangworthyMDBaltimoreOld Episcopal Church (burned down) ?X000000
Henry LaurensSCMoncks CornerLaurens Family Cemetery Y911232
Francis Lightfoot LeeVAWarsawMount Airy, Tayloe Family Estate FAIL321   
Richard Henry LeeVAColes Point Burnt House Fields, Lee Family Estate Y911223
Henry Lee IIIVALexingtonLee Chapel MuseumY1833444
Francis LewisNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1734433
Benjamin LincolnMAHinghamHingham Cemetery       
Philip LivingstonPAYorkProspect Hill Cemetery Y1844334
Robert R. LivingstonNYTivoliSaint Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1324331
William LivingstonNYBrooklynGreen-Wood Cemetery       
James LovellMEWindham? body lost or destroyedX000000
Thomas LynchMDAnnapolisSaint Annes Churchyard        
Thomas Lynch, Jr.  Lost at seaX000000
William MaclayPAHarrisburgPaxton Presbyterian Churchyard Y1644233
Dolley MadisonVAMontpelier StationMontpelier Estate National Historic Site Y1524333
James MadisonVAMontpelier StationMontpelier Estate National Historic Site Y1624334
Henry MarchantRINewportCommon Burying Ground & Island CemeteryY1343132
Francis MarionSCPinevilleBelle Island PlantationY1624334
John MarshallVARichmondShockoe Hill Cemetery Y1543233
Joseph Plumb MartinMESandy PointSandy Point Cemetery       
George MasonVALortonMason Family Cemetery Y1643234
John MathewsSCCharlestonCircular Congregational Church Burying Grd Y1144030
James McHenryMDBaltimoreWestminster Burial Ground Y1533333
Thomas McKeanPAPhiladelphiaLaurel Hill CemeteryY1944443
Hugh MercerPAPhiladelphiaLaurel Hill CemeteryY2044444
Samuel MeredithPAPleasant MountTown SquareY1724434
Arthur MiddletonSCCharlestonMiddleton Place Gardens and Tomb Y1532343
Henry MiddletonSCGoose CreekSaint James Goose Creek Cemetery Y731030
Thomas MifflinPALancasterTrinity Lutheran Churchyard Y934002
James MonroeVARichmondHollywood Cemetery Y1834434
Daniel MorganVAWinchesterMount Hebron Cemetery Y1734433
Gouverneur MorrisNYBronxSaint Ann’s Episcopal Church Graveyard Y911322
Lewis MorrisNYBronxSaint Ann’s Episcopal Church Graveyard FAIL211   
Robert MorrisPAPhiladelphiaChrist Episcopal Church & ChurchyardY1634333
John MortonPAChesterSaint Paul’s Burying Ground Y1634333
Frederick MuhlenbergPALancasterWoodward Hill CemeteryY1644233
Peter MuhlenbergPATrappeAugustus Lutheran CemeteryY1644233
Thomas Nelson, Jr.VAYorktownGrace Episcopal Churchyard Y1534233
James Otis, Jr.MABostonGranary Burying GroundY1844343
William PacaMDQueen Anne CountyWye PlantationFAIL321   
Robert Treat PaineMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1644242
Thomas PaineNYNew RochelleThomas Paine Gravesite        
William PatersonNYMenands / ColonieAlbany Rural Cemetery Y1744333
Edmund PendletonVAWilliamsburgBruton Parish Episcopal Church SanctuaryY1542342
John PennNCGreensboroGuilford Courthouse National Military Park Y2044444
Andrew PickensSCClemsonOld Stone Church Cemetery Y1744333
Timothy PickeringMASalemBroad Street Cemetery Y1341332
Charles PinckneySCCharlestonSaint Philips Episcopal Church CemeteryY1542333
Charles Cotesworth PinckneySCCharlestonSaint Michaels Church Cemetery Y1744333
Molly PitcherPACarlisleOld GraveyardY1744333
Israel PutnamCTBrooklynPutnam MonumentY1834434
Edmund RandolphVAMillwoodOld Chapel Cemetery Y1634333
Peyton RandolphVAWilliamsburgChapel of the College of William and MaryY1140241
George ReadDENew CastleImmanuel Episcopal Churchyard Y1534332
Esther DeBerdt Reed PAPhiladelphiaArch Street Presbyterian Church cemeteryY1844343
Joseph ReedPAPhiladelphiaLaurel Hill CemeteryY1844343
Paul RevereMABostonGranary Burying GroundY1944344
David RittenhousePAPhiladelphiaLaurel Hill CemeteryY1644242
Daniel RoberdeauVAWinchesterMount Hebron Cemetery Y1334132
Caesar RodneyDEDover Christ Episcopal Church CemeteryY1734334
George RossPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1533333
Benjamin RushPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1533333
Edward RutledgeSCCharlestonSaint Philips Episcopal Church Cemetery Y1442233
John RutledgeSCCharlestonSaint Michaels Church Cemetery Y1744333
Nathaniel ScudderNJTennentOld Tennent Churchyard Y1544232
Roger ShermanCTNew HavenGrove Street Cemetery Y2044444
James SmithPAYork First Presbyterian Churchyard Y1644332
Jonathan Bayard SmithPAPhiladelphiaMount Vernon CemeteryFAIL641010
Richard SmithMSNatchezNatchez City Cemetery X110000
Haym SolomonPAPhiladelphiaMikveh Israel Cemetery Y1333232
Richard Dobbs SpaightNCNew BernClermont Estate Cemetery        
Arthur St. ClairPAGreensburgOld Saint Clair Cemetery Y1844343
Richard StocktonNJPrincetonStony Brook Quaker Meeting House Burial Grd Y1224033
Thomas StoneMDPort TobaccoThomas Stone National Historic Site Y1643333
John SullivanNHDurhamSullivan Family Burial Ground Y1431334
Thomas SumterSCSumter CountyThomas Sumter Memorial Park Y1624334
George TaylorPAEastonEaston CemeteryY1634234
Edward TelfairGASavannahBonaventure Cemetery Y1543332
Charles ThomsonPAPhiladelphiaLaurel Hill CemeteryY2044444
Matthew ThorntonNHMerrimackThornton GraveyardY1744234
Matthew TilghmanMDClaiborneTilghman Family Cemetery        
Nicholas Van DykeDENew Castle Immanuel Episcopal Churchyard Y1534332
Friedrich Wilhelm von SteubenNYRemsenSteuben Memorial Y1723444
George WaltonGAAugusta Courthouse GroundsY1844334
John Walton  body lost or destroyedX000000
Samuel WardRINewportCommon Burying Ground & Island CemeteryY1443133
Joseph WarrenMAJamaica PlainForest Hills Cemetery and CrematoryY1943444
Mercy Otis WarrenMAPlymouthBurial HillY1844343
George WashingtonVAMount VernonMount Vernon Estate Y1943444
Anthony WaynePAWayneOld Saint David Church Cemetery Y1844334
Noah WebsterCTNew HavenGrove Street Cemetery Y1844343
John Wentworth, Jr.NHDover Pine Hill CemeteryY1234131
William WhippleNHPortsmouthNorth CemeteryY1634423
William WilliamsCTLebanonOld CemeteryY1434133
John WilliamsNCHendersonMontpelier Plantation Cemetery FAIL421010
Hugh WilliamsonNYNew YorkTrinity Church CemeteryY1334132
Thomas WillingPAPhiladelphiaChrist Church Burial GroundY1333133
James WilsonPAPhiladelphiaChrist Episcopal Church & ChurchyardY1634333
Paine WingateNHStrathamStratham Cemetery Y1634333
Henry WisnerNYPhillipsburgWallkill Cemetery Y1434232
John WitherspoonNJPrincetonPrinceton CemeteryY1534242
Oliver WolcottCTLitchfieldEast CemeteryY1634333
George WytheVARichmondSaint Johns Episcopal Churchyard Y1534233