What makes someone a Founder, you ask? We researched numerous sources for guidance on this topic. We concluded there was no specific guideline for what makes someone a Founder of the USA. We decided to blend together the best of the suggestions. To make our list, the person must be one or more of the following.

  1. Signer of the US Constitution
  2. Signer of the Declaration of Independence
  3. Signer of the Articles of Confederation
  4. Signer of the Continental Association
  5. Major General or Admiral or Commodore
  6. Early President or Vice-President of the USA
  7. First holder of a cabinet-level office
  8. Military or otherwise legendary hero
  9. Thought leader
  10. President or Secretary of the Continental Congress
  11. First Governor of a state
  12. Major financier for the colonies
  13. Important spy for the colonies

It should be noted, there were many more brigadier generals and colonels and captains, etc., and there were dozens of members of the Continental Congress who did not sign any of the documents. If we attempted to catalog all of the players involved, it would be a never-ending project. So, we decided to stick with only the more influential or the most well-known patriots.

Please see the subpages that list the Founders according to the state in which they are buried.